Seafoam Dreams

This room has always been mine. From the second my parents moved us out of the apartment and dropped boxes here 1998. The seafoam green carpet was hideous and iconic at the same time. It was full of pet hair and paint stains from the childhood my dad gave me. I moved my bed into that alcove once because I hated keeping my room the same way for more than a week. My mom and dad painted the walls purple when I was five. My dad and I painted over it when I was ten. I remember lying on my bed in the 105° heat listening to my first Copeland CD on a radio. Yeah, a radio. I used to look at my map dreaming about places that weren’t Modesto, dreaming of how I would move somewhere exotic, far-off, mysterious lands like Pennsylvania.

The carpet got ripped out, though. My great grandma who used to sit in that sweet floral chair died, my possessions that aren’t with me in Chicago are boxed up in a closet. I got older. The world got smaller. Things aren’t the way they were. They’re good and bad and different and wonderful in a way that I don’t always understand. Leave your hometown long enough to fall in love with the dichotomies your roots are.

But not quite yours enough for time to free it from its hold.

You are loved,



Welcome, Welcome.


I’ve been meaning to start a blog for years. The fact that you’re reading this is a miracle of free time. So…welcome

This site honestly isn’t anything special. But I love writing and thinking. If my words and thoughts give you life or make you think, I will be completely overjoyed.

For now, though, I’m going to talk about myself–but I promise I won’t always do that in the future.

I’m a Californian living in the icy metropolis of Chicago, Illinois. While it’s incredibly exciting to have excellent coffee within 0.4 miles of me in every direction (seriously), I miss the coastal mountains more than I miss almost anything. I became a Christian when I was sixteen and have been going through a reconfiguration of sorts for the past two years–but I think I’m getting somewhere good. Despite the progressive direction I see myself heading, I currently attend a heavily conservative Bible college. I’m studying Human Services and clinical counselling–I have a million things to learn about it. I served in music ministry for two(ish) years, living in van and using music to share the gospel. Music ministry has been a huge part of my life as I know it. It’s why I love travel and desperately want to be someone who brings more counselling into the mission field.

I’m a three on the enneagram. haha. I want to kayak the Colorado river some day. I love people that love what they do. I love love love music. So much.

Another fun fact: I’m really not sure how to end blog posts.

So that’s part of me, for now. Stay, if you want. There’s more content coming soon.

You are loved,